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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Till Brychcy on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Till Brychcy on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Lakshmi Shanmugam with this criteria:

I would like to nominate Till Brychcy as a committer for Platform.

He is already an active JDT committer. He has contributed many patches to SWT
and other platform projects.
He was responsible for solving several tricky bugs on the SWT Cocoa port. He
has also contributed patches to improve the Eclipse dark theme on Mac.
His Mac expertise will be very valuable to the team.

Here is the list of his merged patches for the platform projects:

Bug 538813 - [cocoa] re-fix "Two-finger tap to simulate right-click results
Bug 378202 - Two-finger tap to simulate right-click results in multiple ...
Bug 321410 - [EditorMgmt][navigation] Provide Mini-map of text in editor
Bug 536206 - Improve minimap performance on Mac
Bug 506166 - Print Margin painted at the wrong position on Retina Mac with
Bug 532037 - Add "light" and "dark" as keywords for the "General >
Bug 531274 - [Dark Theme] Info field in Generate HashCode and Equals not ...
Bug 531422 - FormToolkit.adapt should not change already set colors to null
Bug 224708 - Ability to mark source folder as test sources
Bug 521334 - [testsources][package explorer] Decorate test package fragment
Bug 521330 - [testsources] "Java Build Path" UI to mark source folder as ...
Bug 522690 - Allow menus to work if DefaultApp.nib is not found
Bug 521985 - [CSS][Dark][Mac] Styling for dark buttons on Mac
Bug 505835 - [Cocoa] Button, do not respect foreground and background color
Bug 506167 - Print margin position is not updated when using pinch-to-zoom
Bug 520879 - Remove System.out.println in
Bug 455854 - [Cocoa] Text field with SWT.SEARCH style ignored setBackground
Bug 516946 - Add documentation for unlikely argument type compile problems
Bug 516472 - Debug hover and Inspect pop-up are empty on Mac
Bug 516452 - Selecting Internal Editors in Editor Selection dialog doesn't
Bug 516139 - Doc in Errors/Warnings for "Value of exception parameter is not
Bug 514424 - [Cocoa] Allow styling of table and tree headers background in
Bug 502711 - [Cocoa] crashes on „macOS Sierra“ related to NSCopyBits
Bug 506014 - constantly show method return node in variables view
Bug 502088 - Bug in CTabRendering
Bug 495461 - [Debug] Copy Stack does not work
Bug 499655 - "last returned method" in Variables view does not show correct

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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