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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Michael Keppler on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Michael Keppler on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Karsten Thoms with this criteria:

I would like to nominate Michael Keppler as platform committer. Michael
contributed already plenty high quality patches to platform. On top of that
he is already reviewing patches and providing valuable feedback to other
contributors and committers.

The following patches have already been provided and merged:

Bug 535752 - Performance of search view
Bug 538504 - Performance of FaceTextUtil.isShowingEntireContents()
Bug 538510 - Platform migration missing in TOC
Bug 538279 - [Apply patch] wizard uses full screen height
Bug 538058 - "No operations to display" label grabs focus
Bug 537898 - [Tips] Draw circles for single digit bubbles
Bug 537818 - missing "a" in date pattern string variable
Bug 537668 - "Configuration Fetch Job" should not contain "job"
Bug 537668 - "Configuration Fetch Job" should not contain "job"
Bug 537464 - fix wrapping in project natures property page
minor - missing dot in decorator description
Bug 537132 - bad tooltip "toggle coolbar visibility"
Bug 535151 - Show only launch types with children in export dialog
Bug 535466 - Menus in export launch dialog should have ellipsis
Bug 536771 - [examples] remove unknown natures
Bug 536753 - org.eclipse.ui.examples.adapterservice requires JRE 6
Bug 535979 - Project natures property page layout issues
Fix multiple Javadoc typos
Bug 511515 - Update documentation of SearchPattern
Bug 536068 - DecoratorsPreferencePage layout issues
Bug 535975 - [Tips] Minor refactoring
remove unused Messages class
Bug 535942 - Make tips startup job a system job
Bug 535957 - Duplicate accelerator in BuildOrderPreferencePage
fix Javadoc typo
minor: javadoc typo
Bug 535148 - Export launch wizard confirmation dialog typo
Bug 527927 - Add Automatic-Module-Name in Team repository
Fix typos in launch prototypes
minor: missing blank in logging message
Bug 532580 - Sort launchers in debug launcher selection dialog
Bug 533229 - MarkersViewColumnsDialog duplicate mnemonic
Bug 494343 - Menu label has empty suffix "()"
Bug 530378 - Wrong Javadoc in IStructuredSelection.toList
Bug 532551 - Unreferenced nature warning off by 1
Bug 532579 - Center prototype tab icon
Bug 532578 - Missing title when exporting launch configurations
Bug 532284 - Remove unknown CVS nature from ant.ui
Bug 530234: missing icon in plug-in registry view
Bug 520069 - Better performance when setting viewer filters
Bug 458418 - Typo in extension point description of Navigator extension point

Michael is very helpful in testing patches and responds quickly when

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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