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Re: [eclipse-dev] 4.9 Plans

Thanks very much to everyone who provided input for the 4.9 plans!

Some of the items do not have corresponding bug reports. There should be either a concrete or an umbrella bug for each of the listed items. Those bug reports should have the 'plan' keyword so that one can also find the plan items using bugzilla.

Thanks in advance for updating the plans with this!

From:        Daniel Megert/Zurich/IBM
To:        "General development mailing list of the Eclipse project." <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        10.07.2018 16:01
Subject:        4,9 Plans

Hi Team

If not already done, please create the plans for 4.9 like we did for 4.8 (see

NOTE: The individual platform plans are now combined into Please add your items there.


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