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Re: [eclipse-dev] Fwd: I-builds contains multiple builds



The difference between N-builds and I-builds used to be the signing. N-builds were not signed and I-builds are signed. And there are other issues like Gerrit using one week old I-build to verify code, causing a lot of problems during the I-build etc. So we moved to daily I-builds.


In  a mile-stone we retain one build per week. And in I-builds repo we have only last 4 builds and latest build available for updates. There are two usecases where a single build would fail.

  1. If there is an update run by the end user during the new build switch over the update task would fail. Since we have previous build still available the update task would continue.
  2. Sometimes we find problems with the builds then we may remove the build from composite. Then the users will still have one stable build for updates.


My recommendation for the end users would be to pick up Monday’s build every week. If you are looking for a specific bug fix then you may pick up that build.


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It seems that the original purpose has been lost and that with milestones becoming less significant, it needs restoring.

My understanding is that N-builds are regular, typically nightly, builds of the state of the art and that I-builds are an intermediate/interim/integration state for some significant advance. Since I-builds are occasional and significant they deserve to be kept till the next milestone.

The platform seems to be using I-builds for the traditional purpose of N-builds but persisting as for I-builds. Integrators are forced to download far too often.


        Ed Willink


On 29/06/2018 19:50, Jonah Graham wrote:

Hi folk,


(resending to hopefully more appropriate list?)


I was wondering why the I-builds (likewise for older versions) contain multiple builds in them and not just the latest?


What is the use case for a consumer wanting either a mix of of I-build versions or not the latest one?


(PS I am asking, because I want to change CDT builds to track I-builds now that Milestones are not really what they used to be, and I am also just interested. A similar question exists for me about the simrel release repos containing multiple versions too, but that also seems less important going forward as it is less likely to happen.)




Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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