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[eclipse-dev] Reminder to vote on Committer Election for Conrad Groth on Eclipse Platform

Voting will close tomorrow for the committer election of Conrad Groth on
project Eclipse Platform (eclipse.platform).


I would like to nominate Conrad Groth as Platform committer.

Conrad contributed many high quality patches in the UI area, see the query:

527103	[Win32] Performance regression on Tree.setLinesVisible(boolean)
525829	[Win32] Group text dark in the dark theme on Windows
520060	Smart Import layout doesn't resize properly
518737	[Win32] Background switches to light if tree widget is disabled
518379	Allow platform specific JUnit tests
516365	[Win32] Background switches to light if table widget is disabled
514725	Workspace selection dialog should add WS which are locked to its
recent workspace list
514694	CleanDialog: Support the 'Select All' command
513405	Add JUnits and fix Javadocs of new APIs
Table#setHeaderForeground/Background() et al.
511355	Table: background color of sort column became a darker gray
510728	[API] Allow styling of tree headers foreground and background color
508680	[win32] Finish custom Button foreground/background color feature
508033	Win32: Toolbar ignores foreground color
502092	Tests for org.eclipse.jface.tests.databinding are disabled
498151	Wrong layout & UI bugs in Compare With editor
497387	[Win32] TabItem setting image to null doesnt resize the TabItem
491682	TableViewerUpdater looses selection if element order isnt preserved
491678	Errors during binding, if operations occur before init
484272	Missing JFace font property files for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
483368	Replace usage of SubProgressMonitor with SubMonitor in
480318	SWT Menu does not fire Selection Event when touch display is enabled
473894	[win32] new ToolTip gets message from another tooltip that is
currently visible
472748	View switch to Editor focus problem
463720	[Databinding] Typo in Javadoc for UpdateValueStrategy.POLICY_UPDATE
449475	[api] Add methods to define the table header background/foreground
401015	Add support for styling hyperlinks in the Link widget
388802	[DataBinding] Log Errors when catching Exception in
UpdateValueStrategy doSet & Co.
384906	[CSS] Allow styling of table headers in SWT
371756	[DataBinding] ObservableMapLabelProvider with
ILazy(Tree)ContentProvider gives empty labels in viewer
365915	[Databinding] No correct initial errormessage in
239636	[Wizards] [Import/Export] Import projects as closed by default
213780	Compare With direction should be configurable
63038	Support for Table header foreground/background colors
23837	[Win32] Button, do not respect foreground and background color on

Please join me in supporting candidacy of Conrad Groth for a Platform

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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