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[eclipse-dev] Reminder to vote on Committer Election for Mickael Istria on Eclipse Equinox

Voting will close tomorrow for the committer election of Mickael Istria on
project Eclipse Equinox (eclipse.equinox).


Mickael Istria is long time contributor to various Eclipse projects. He has a
number of Equinox contributions and is working on even more. The list of his
code contributions are:
       [430708] Remove circular dependency on p2
       Bug 486478 - Soften dependency of
       Bug 489330 - Technical debt : Number instantiations
       Bug 489330 - Technical debt : useless immutable operation
       Bug 489330 - Technical debt issues : iteration on keySet
       Bug 502220 - Default workspace is ${}-workspace
       378338 : A "bundle" element in category.xml/site.xml
       Bug 406902: Allow nested category in category.xml
       Bug 406902
       Bug 418844: Icons for p2 menu
       Bug 483644: improve "no updates were found" dialog.
       Bug 505808 - Read platform filters in category.xml

Details can be seen at:

His oldest contribution is from 2014 and together with his work and knowledge
on closely related projects like Eclipse Platform, Tycho and others I believe
he will be very valuable member of the team.

Eclipse Equinox project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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