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Re: [eclipse-dev] [jdt-dev] Moving JDT's LTK bundles to eclipse.platform.text?

One thing I remember is that some require some Team bundles, but that should still work, but needs to be looked at.

My concern is that it will invalidate existing links and Gerrit changes. If they can be forwarded/adjusted to the new location, I would be fine to try it.


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Date:        09.11.2017 11:47
Subject:        [jdt-dev] Moving JDT's LTK bundles to eclipse.platform.text?
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Hi all,

[Context: I'm willing to add support to delete nested project from the delete project dialog, and found out the the common debug project dialog is actually in JDT repo]
I've seen that eclipse.jdt.ui repo contains multiple org.eclipse.ltk.* bundles that have no dependency on JDT and that provide some very cross-language features. I have the impression moving those to eclipse.platform.ui, eclipse.platform.text (or a new eclipse.platform.ltk) would allow to better organize separation of concerns and could be a key factor of success for our Platform UI plan item "Improve LTK".

Is anyone aware of any concern about trying to move those bundles out of JDT to a more shared place?

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