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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse Neon 2 & 3 keeps Resetting the Workspace and Plugins

James, I think you are running into which happens only on macOS Sierra.
As a workaround, move the folder to a different location after extraction, that should resolve the problem. Also, this problem should not be seen with Eclipse Oxygen
which is going to release very soon as the macOS version is now available as a signed dmg file instead of the old tar.gz file.
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Subject: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse Neon 2 & 3 keeps Resetting the Workspace and Plugins
Date: Mon, Jun 19, 2017 5:31 PM
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Have installed Eclipse Neon 3 x86_64 bit on macOS Sierra...

Proceeded by picking a workspace folder and installed the following plugins:

  • Subclipse 1.10.13 (by dragging the icon on to the workspace from

  • Installed the following plugins (by going to Help -> Install New Software -> All Available Sites and expanded Web, XML, Java EE and OSGI Enterprise Development):

  • Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools 3.8.0.v201701262139

  • Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools 3.8.0.v201702270442
  • Eclipse Web Developer Tools 3.8.2.v201702270442
  • JST Server Adapters 3.2.400.v201606081655
  • JST Server Adapters Extensions 3.3.501.v201609071751
  • JST Server UI 3.4.300.v201606081655

Everything works (plugin functionality) but everytime I close Eclipse, it brings up the default dialog asking for a workspace and is completely fresh (no plugins and preferences...). Its almost as if I had just unzipped it and booted it for the first time, everytime! I have to manually install these plugins every single time I restart Eclipse! This also happens with Eclipse Neon 2 as well.

I've deleted the following directories and files:

~/.eclipse (folder);

~/Library/Saved Application/org.eclipse.eclipse.savedState;



And, also unzipped Eclipse into a different folder and specified a new workspace and after installing the plugins and restarting Eclipse, its completely fresh again!

This is very annyoing and also disappointing...

I even tried to put -clean as the first line of the eclipse.ini file but it didn't help any...

What's weird is that this is happening on my company issued MacBook Pro but not my personal MacBook Pro (which is the exact same model and year as the company issue one)...

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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