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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Oxygen (4.7) RC4 reminders



Eclipse Oxygen RC4 is next week with a goal to deliver on June 9, 2017.

The build schedule has been updated and can be downloaded from

Please read end game plan here


Fix approval: Component lead plus one other component lead must approve all work on a component.

Notification requirements: Announce bug numbers of intended non-doc changes to platform-releng-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

Please note:


All fixes should go into R4_7_maintenance branch

  • Wednesday 8 PM Eastern: RC4 candidate Build  
  • Thursday: 1-day test pass against RC4 and sign-off
  • Friday: Build is officially declared and made available.
    • The 4_7_maintenance branch stays closed until the Oxygen (4.7) is officially released.

No new code changes on 4_7_maintenance branch can be made until the Oxygen (4.7) is officially declared.

Thanks and Regards,



Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti

IBM India Pvt Ltd,

Embassy Golf Links Business Park, D Block,

Off Indiranagar-Kormangla Inner Ring Road,

Bangalore - 560071, India

Phone: 91-80-41776858


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