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Re: [eclipse-dev] Help Request: Feature and Plug-in Versions

All code fixes for RC* are verified.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this! Great team!

----- Forwarded by Daniel Megert/Zurich/IBM on 01.06.2017 16:50 -----

From:        Daniel Megert/Zurich/IBM
To:        "General development mailing list of the Eclipse project." <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "Eclipse Platform UI component developers list." <platform-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "Equinox development mailing list" <equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        11.05.2017 09:59
Subject:        Help Request: Feature and Plug-in Versions

Your help is requested. We have a several features (bug 516456) and many plug-ins (bug 516457) that need a version increase.

In order to avoid several people fixing the same bundles, I suggest to add a bugzilla comment BEFORE you start fixing.

Those changes do not require a review, unless you are not 100% sure how the new version must look like. In that case, please ask in the bug report.

Thanks for your help!

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