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[eclipse-dev] IPlatformRunnable Depprecated, what is the recommended approach for Headless Jar execution?

Hello all,

I have implemented plugin that needs to be run in headless mode in the remote machine. I have implemented this using the extension point [1] with implementation of IPlatformRunnable class.

But that method appears deprecated according to [2]. I tried using IApplicationServer start method following the code samples at [3], but it seems that it cannot be run in headless mode as when I executed the jar in my local machine it started an eclipse instance.

Could you please let me know the recommended approach for $subject.

[1] <extension id="org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications" point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications"> 
         <run class="org.wso2.developerstudio.eclipse.test.p2.hierarchy.RunHeadlessMode"> 
            <parameter name="optimize" value="true"/> 



Awanthika Senarath
Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc,

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