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Re: [eclipse-dev] eclipse with HiDPI

Hi Wang,
If you want move back to Mar.2 like behavior, you can disable the HiDPI feature in eclipse by adding below flag in or command-line:

Note: Above flag can be used on NeonRC1 and onwards build only.

Niraj Modi

From:        Wang <gulfstreamw@xxxxxxx>
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Date:        05/15/2016 07:09 PM
Subject:        [eclipse-dev] eclipse with HiDPI
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Hi, everyone.

I try to run eclipse with HiDPI monitor (2560x1440). I get large UI text with Neon.M7, like "attach1.png" in attachment file. And I get small UI text with Mars.2, like "attach2.png" in attachment file.

What should I do if I want get Neon's UI text size like Mars.2?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

 [attachment "attach1.png" deleted by Niraj Modi/India/IBM] [attachment "attach2.png" deleted by Niraj Modi/India/IBM] _______________________________________________
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