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[eclipse-dev] Error loading plugin from locally-built plugin, in CheckTrust phase

I've been struggling for more than a week with a single problem installing a plugin into a running instance from a locally-built update site. I've posted the details of this on the PDE forum (, StackOverflow (, and tycho-user, most recently. A couple of days ago, one person on tycho-user mentioned a couple of somewhat vague ideas, and I immediately replied with followup questions (nothing back yet). One person on SO looked at the code in my stacktrace and concluded it's likely not a problem with signing per se. My PDE forum posting has over 2100 views, and no replies. I also contacted a sysadmin I work with who used to work for the Eclipse Foundation, and he forwarded my request to many people he knows within the foundation, but I've gotten nothing from that.

I'm aware of the fact that this list is supposed to be for discussion of internal eclipse development, but I'm getting nowhere here. I'd appreciate any substantive advice on this.

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