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[eclipse-dev] Best practice how to deal with different target platforms


I am wondering how other projects handle different target platforms for their projects. If you are not part of the release train, users might install your plugins into a wide range of eclipse installations ranging from 3.x versions up to the newest neon builds. While it is easy to set a minimum target platform, how do you deal with optional features that only exist in newer versions of eclipse.

Maybe I will use a simple example:
IToolTipProvider was introduced in .
How would I adapt my basic Label provider to implement that and still provide a compatible version with Indigo? I guess I could use patches or fragments replacing a base version working with Juno by an advanced version for Mars. But is this the way to go? How would I put this to update sites? Something like "Advanced <myproject> features for Mars"?

I would love to hear how other projects handle these problems.


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