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[eclipse-dev] Confirm that Tycho can't manage BOTH p2 and Maven artifacts?

I inherited a large Eclipse plugin codebase, but I'm pretty new to Eclipse plugin development.

I happened to notice that one of the subprojects had a few jars just dumped into a "lib" folder, and those jars are referenced from the .classpath,, and META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. This subproject also has several bundles that it depends on.

I wondered why these artifacts weren't just specified as Maven artifacts. I asked about this odd convention on the IRC #eclipse channel, and someone said that Tycho can't handle BOTH p2 and Maven artifacts. I took him at his word, but I need to get more information about this. I'm working with someone else who believes this shouldn't be a problem, so I need to find some proof for this statement.

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