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[eclipse-dev] Stepping down from Eclipse PMC

Happy New Year to everyone! The new year is a time for change, and I have some to let you all know about. I am leaving IBM effective tomorrow, January 5th. I am taking on a new opportunity that is not related to Eclipse, so I will not have the time and energy required to continue on the Eclipse project PMC. Therefore I am stepping down from the Eclipse PMC, effective immediately. I will continue on as a committer and help out where I can in my spare time.
It has been a great honour to work on the Eclipse project all these years, believe it or not since 1998 when I worked on the "ElementTree" data structure underlying the Eclipse workspace model. The greatest asset of Eclipse is not any particular technology, but its community of people behind the technology. I have had the privilege to work closely with many of you over the years, learned a lot, and shared many a "frosty beverage" at EclipseCons and other events. You never know what directions Eclipse technology will be going in the future, but I have no doubt I will be running into many of the wonderful people from the Eclipse community in the years ahead.
I realize this is a breaking change to the project leadership structure, and coming close to M5 at that. I have raised a defect to track this change ( so if you have any comments, concerns, or best wishes please raise them in the bugzilla to avoid spamming the mailing list ;) I have also added contact information in the bug if you want to connect with me in the future!
John Arthorne

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