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[eclipse-dev] Looking for channels for (successfully) getting help with plugin dev issues

First of all, I'm well aware of the fact that this is a "dev" mailing list, and questions about "using" the framework should be addressed to other channels.  I completely agree with that strategy in general.  Unfortunately, I've submitted my question to all the "normal" channels (Eclipse forum, IRC #eclipse, and finally StackOverflow), and gotten exactly zero responses.  If I were in your situation, I would assume a reasonable response would be to advise that person of what information they should provide to get a better response.  I haven't even received that.

If someone has a suggestion for an additional channel for questions that I have NOT tried yet, which is more appropriate than this "dev" mailing list, then I would certainly appreciate that.

In short, I'm looking for advice on how to debug a particular issue in an open-source Eclipse plugin.

Here's the link to my recent SO question, which has the link to the Eclipse forum question:

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