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[eclipse-dev] Mars.1 (Eclipse 4.5.1) delayed one week, until 10/2 10 AM

To both our community and committers,

For those that may not read other lists were this has been discussed, we are postponing the Mars.1 release by one week, to fix some issues found late.
More details in the cross-project list:

While this does not directly effect Eclipse's or Equinox's build or release, by the "rules of citizenship" we will not officially release until that coordinated release.

To our committers,

The only issues this causes for us, I believe, are exactly when to tag our 4.5.1 release (Bug 478237) and when to re-start M-builds (that is, when to "open up" the R4_5_maintenance branch.

The tagging is easy to postpone a week. And while we were going to start building again next week, my preference is to leave the branch closed (and not do builds) until after the official release. Only because in the very rare event that WE would have to do a rebuild for Mars.1 -- now that there's an extra week for someone to find a blocking defect :) -- then it is a little easier and cleaner to work with the tip of the branch, rather than building off tags.

BUT, if this delay in re-opening the maintenance branch interferes with committers needs, priorities, or productivity, we certainly can re-build from tags (in the rare event that we would even need to). I will ask, though, that if anyone wants to open the branch sooner, and for builds to resume sooner than October 7, then please ask for it explicitly on platform-releng-dev list, perhaps with the briefest of explanations. I really would be happy to ... but ... do not want to do it, if not really needed.

Thanks everyone,

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