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[eclipse-dev] Please remove references to gif files in platform.ui bundles

In the last two releases we replaced the gif in platform.ui with png
files. The gifs are currently still present in platform.ui adding to
the download size of Eclipse. For Eclipse 4.6 M3 we are planning to
remove them (except the ones for views and editors to avoid NPE's as
these are cached in some cases).

The purpose why we are removing the gif files is to reduce the
download size of Eclipse. Other projects like PDE and JDT removed the
gif directly during the conversion to avoid this additional load.

Best regards, Lars

Eclipse Platform UI and e4 project co-lead
CEO vogella GmbH

Haindaalwisch 17a, 22395 Hamburg
Amtsgericht Hamburg: HRB 127058
Geschäftsführer: Lars Vogel, Jennifer Nerlich de Vogel
USt-IdNr.: DE284122352
Fax (032) 221739404, Email: lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxxxx, Web:

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