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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 4.5 RC1 and Equinox (Mars RC1) are available

There is no "New and Noteworthy" specifically for RC1, since we are in the phase of "bug fixes only", but if you haven't read them yet, you can start with the New and Noteworthy for M7, which also has links to the previous ones for Milestones of the Mars Release (by our Release we will, of course, consolidate them into one document).

But we hope that everyone can immediately download and begins "final testing" of our Mar's deliverables. Not much time left, to fix any major bugs or regressions you find -- so, the earlier the better!

        Eclipse downloads:

        Update existing (non-production) installs:

        Specific repository good for building against:

        Equinox specific downloads:

Thanks to everyone who made this first Release Candidate possible.

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