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[eclipse-dev] Update Site Retention Policy issue? (Building an RCP as part of the release train)


We have a RCP called Trace Compass that we intend to release as part of the release train. If we take Luna SR2 as an example, in our git repo, our target has to point the 4.4-M-builds/M-4.4.2RC4-201502041700 update site so that we can consume the platform that will be released for SR2. However, that update site will be removed after about a month according to the retention policy [1]. This means that our tag in git will not build anymore when checked out in a few weeks. One option would be to do the build on the release day with the updates/4.4 site and tag then but this is really not ideal and goes against the spirit of having offsets in the release train. Would it be possible to retain the RC4 builds so that downstreams RCPs can consume the latest platform and continue to build? If not, do you have a suggestion on how to achieve this?


Thank you for your help,
Marc-André Laperle

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