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[eclipse-dev] Respin of Eclipse Platform Project 4.5 M5

A severe regression has been found in our Eclipse Platform Project 4.5 M5 (see bug 458868). This breaks the functionality to navigate via a Ctrl+Click popup, e.g. Ctrl+Click > Open Implementation or Ctrl+Click > Open Declaration. It not only affects the Java editor but all editors that use a Ctrl+Click popup. Besides that, the introduced bug might also affect other clients of SWT. That alone would be enough to respin, but M5 is also our EclipseCon build.

David is currently working on an 4.5 M5a together with the SWT team. The fix is to revert the flawed code changes.

Note that the same bug has been introduced into 4.4.2 SR2 from last week. This will be corrected in 4.4.2 RC3, coming this week.


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