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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse (4.4.2RC1) and Equinox (LunaSR2RC1) are available

Thus begins the beginning of the end. :)

Apologies for the delay in renaming and promoting, but these are the same bits that were available in Wednesday's M-build (M20150114-1500) and purely my distractions that caused the delay.

This first RC is a "warm up" RC, meaning it has not been tested as much as subsequent ones will be, and there are known bugs still planned to be fixed for SR2. But, it gives a good opportunity for us and the rest of the "release train" to begin our final integration (aggregation) for SR2 to make sure nothing has grown apart. (The rest of "train" will be available in one week, on January 23).

This is a good build to verify bugs that were fixed between SR1 and "now", to confirm we fixed what we think we did.
But, we do advice adopters to focus on "acceptance testing" beginning with RC2 (assuming there are limited resources, since some tests might have to be repeated in subsequent RCs).

       Eclipse downloads:

       Update existing (non-production) installs:

       Specific repository good for building against:

       Equinox specific downloads:

Thanks to all for contributing to this RC.

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