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[eclipse-dev] Adios amigos !

After hesitating a good bit about sending this blastogram, I decided to - since there
are simply too many people to thank and bid good bye to.

Tomorrow Nov 30th will be my last day as committer in JDT/Core & JDT/APT.

It has been my pleasure and privilege to have had the opportunity to work on this project
co-leading the Java 7 implementation efforts and leading Java 8 implementation.

I vividly recall the tough times 3 years ago when the team had nearly gotten decimated and
we had just ~1.5 engineers left which was barely enough to maintain Juno and work on
Kepler let alone get started on Java 8. From there to a successful release of Java 8
was made possible by contributions and tremendous initiative from the community
making it a truly global and truly open source story.

Many thanks and good bye.

I'll be watching and cheering the Eclipse project team from the sidelines.

Srikanth (srikanth.sankaran@xxxxxxxxx)

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