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[eclipse-dev] Heads up .... I'll be removing I-builds and M-builds soon ...

I usually don't send a note for removing old I- and M-builds, since that is just "business as usual", but I plan to remove them a bit more aggressively than usual, so wanted to be sure no one was surprised. In part this is in preparation for Luna SR1 release, but in part just because we have so many!

My plan will be to remove the "oldest half" late today, so for I-builds that'd be I20140909-1115 and older; for M-build, that'd be M20140902-1430 and older. And then next Tuesday morning (Eastern time) remove the remaining ones (well, remove all remaining ones, except leave exactly one there, until SR1 is released.)

UNLESS, someone says "wait" (such as, more time needed to adjust build scripts, or look at history of unit tests, etc.) which is fine, if needed ... happy to be accommodating if requested ... just did not want to leave them there for another week if not needed.


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