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[eclipse-dev] Belated heads up, if you use Platform's parent POM, and you have build jobs that tests while you build

If you use maven.test.skip=false in your build scripts, read on. Otherwise, this won't effect you.

For various reasons, I made a last minute change in our Platform parent pom, changing

Details are in bug Bug 442042 ... but it turns out there was at least one team that specified
-Dmaven.test.skip=false in their build script. And our change to skipTests=true ended up having a higher "priority". Hence that team's build "broke" in that tests were no longer ran, and Gerrit  would report "failed".

I would prefer not to revert Bug 442042 since there could be some teams that have already adjusted to the change, and since that was in our RC2 contribution, and doesn't seem worth a re-spin ... UNLESS there are dozens of you that come forward and say we broke you too. If we did, please comment in Bug 442042 so we know the impact of our mistake (of our poor timing) but otherwise, suggest you specify both
for immediate future, so you'd be set no matter what parent pom says.
[And, keep in mind, it is a change we will make, it's just this was poor timing because I mistakenly thought it was basically a "documentation changed".]

Thanks, sorry for the churn, and not understanding potential impact.

FWIW, This was in no way "Tycho's fault", but I did open bug Bug 442976 in Tycho so this interaction of priorities can be well documented, or, better yet, somehow make the two properties true "aliases" of each other, so the one on the command line always wins.


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