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[eclipse-dev] Mars M1 is upon us!


It's surprising how quickly the relaxing summer  goes by, eh?

It turns out our Mars M1 is "next week" (our +0 deliverables due on 8/8 -- and there will be a 2 week window for everyone else, so the "Simultaneous" Mars M1 will be complete on 8/22).

This means our "stabilization week" begins this Sunday 8/3, when we start doing 2 I-builds per day, from Sunday 8 PM to Wednesday 8 PM with the usual sign-off on 8/7.

New and Noteworthy contributions should be made on by end-of-day Wednesday, 8/6 -- and we are going to try a new procedure this development cycle. Instead of putting N&N in the "news repository" (and copying a bunch of files around) we will put it directly in our "website repository".  See bug 437930 .
All component leads should have access to this website repo, and if you've never used it, the URL is
In the event a component lead can not do it (such as on vacation, or similar) and in the rare case the person they delegate to, does not have write access, you can simply reply to this request with attached patch, or add to a bugzilla, and we'll be sure it gets in there.

I have updated our build schedule with all this information -- just for M1, so far -- but wanted to broadly send out this note to increase the chances everyone sees it ... since it has caught me be surprise and we are so close to the deadlines.

And, don't forget, our Luna SR1 RC1 is just a couple of weeks away -- but, we'll worry about M1 first.

Thanks everyone,

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