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[eclipse-dev] Announcing availability of Eclipse 4.4 and Equinox (Luna Release)

I am pleased to announce "Luna is available"! In particular, the Eclipse SDK (4.4) and other resources from the Eclipse Project.

You can read an overview of "what's new":

Or download a version for your favorite platforms, and get started!

        Eclipse downloads:

        Update existing installs:

        Specific repository good for building against:

        Equinox specific downloads:

In addition to the user and adopter communities in general, we'd like to thank many specific contributors and committers for making this release possible, which we have captured in our "acknowledgements" document:
(And apologies in advance if we missed anyone -- we appreciate everyone's efforts).

Remember this announcement is about the Eclipse Project specifically. There are some convenient "all in one" packages available from the Eclipse Foundation's downloads page, that some find convenient starting points depending on your needs and focus:

Thanks to you all!

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