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[eclipse-dev] We'll be moving several releases to "archives" soon (Friday, 6/13)

Just in case anyone has any "previous release" build scripts that need to be updated, I'm giving some advance notice that, in preparation for Luna release, we'll be moving most of our "previous" releases from "downloads" to "archives". Specifically, 4.2.2, 4.3, and 4.3.1 will be moved ... leaving only 4.3.2 on downloads (and, of course, soon 4.4 will be there).

In fact, all these builds are already on "archives" so you can update build scripts at any time, and then on Friday, I'll remove them from "downloads".

All these refer to only the "download zips files" and similar, not the software site repositories, which won't move (and if/when they do, will be done transparently).

You can ask questions or make comments in bug 435566.

For full list of current "archives" see


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