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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 4.4 RC3 and Equinox (Luna RC3) are available

I am pleased to announce our Luna RC3 build is available for download and ("near final") testing.

        Eclipse downloads:

        Update existing (non-production) installs:

        Specific repository good for building against:

        Equinox specific downloads:

We appreciate any regressions the community of users and adopters can help us find, and much appreciate all the contributions received, and the hard work from all the committers.

One, final build left! We are now at the point where "stability" is "prime directive" ... but clearly we want to avoid/fix bad regressions, fix up some docs, etc.

As always, this announcement is for the Eclipse project only. The "stand alone" EPP packages for RC2 will be available later today from
and those for RC3 (built up on this announced version of Eclipse and Equinox) will be available one week from now.

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