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Re: [eclipse-dev] Making platform bundles more reuseable - A Mars target?

Hi Tom

I'm not sure we need to split bundles. Looks like we need to move some types to other components (o.e.text, o.e.jdt.core) and then deprecate the current types. For sure this is not a Mars target for JDT, but if you do the work and propose high quality patches along with test cases, I have no objections.


From:        Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        17.05.2014 14:22
Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Making platform bundles more reuseable - A Mars        target?
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I know you are all busy working to get Luna out of the door but I'm
already looking at Mars ;-)

When looking into the codebase of the platform you find out that we
already have a nice seperation between core and ui but if you start to
dig deeper you find out that even the bundles who contain UI have a lot
of code in it that does not need SWT/JFace at all.

Of main interest to me are:
* org.eclipse.jface
* org.eclipse.jface.text
* org.eclipse.jdt.ui

I'd like to start a discussion how to break those bundles into a common
and an SWT specific part while maintain API compability.

Let's start with

As it looks like refactorings like this have already happened to some
extend because some of the code has the org.eclipse.jface.text prefix,
the first and most important package I looked into
org.eclipse.jface.text.rules which has only one class which does depend
on SWT DefaultDamagerRepairer, all other parts can be moved to
org.eclipse.text. Are we fine with split-packages?

In this bundle there's a lot of code that does depend on SWT but a good
other part is not and can be used nicely outside an SWT environment. The
first stuff I looked into is FastJavaPartitionScanner.

Before I proceed with this I'd like to hear from the people involved
(Dani, Markus, ...) if they would accept such a bundle split in Mars.

If not I need to copy over code and to e(fx)clipse which I'm fine as
well but it would be a lot nicer if I could simply reuse the stuff from
upstream. For the time being and to work on my proof of concept I've
forked the code so that I can proceed with my proof of concept.

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