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[eclipse-dev] HTTP 500 for Web Service Explorer


   I am facing problem in invoking web service explorer from Eclipse.

   Here are the platforms and specifications:

   Case I:
   Eclipse:  Kepler SR1 JEE 32 bits on
   OS:        Windows 7 32 bits

   JDK:       Java 8.

   Case II:
   Eclipse:  Kepler SR1 JEE 64 bits on
   OS:        Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64

   JDK:       Java 8

   Case III:

   Eclipse:  Kepler SR1 JEE 64 bits on

   OS:        CentOS 6.4 x86_64

   JDK:       Java 8
   Except CentOS, for other two it is giving HTTP Error 500

   I have also tried to run this using JRE 7 on windows 7 but no luck.

   By googling, people said uncheck the option " Run modules directly from the workspace" but I have not found it specifically in Kepler. 
   On the other hand, the same configurations (Only JDK differs) working fine on CentOS 64 bits. 

   Why are there two scenarios for same setting?

   Seeking for guidance,

   Thanks !

Seeking for position of 
Software Engineer/Software Developer,
Mayur Patil.

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