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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse + Java 8 : Early Access Release III available - 45 day beta program starts.


Eclipse team is pleased to announce the availability of early

access release builds with much improved support for Java 8.

What is new in this release ?

        - JDT/Core and JDT/APT modules are feature complete for Java 8.
        - Full support for Java 8 type inference specification.
        - Lambda Serialization support.
        - Improved support for Java 8 in JDT/UI and JDT/Debug
        - Numerous defect fixes.

Defects/Issues fixed since EAR II can be seen here:

What is ready to be tested ?
        Compiler, editor, reconciler, formatter, code completion engine,
      code navigation support, incremental builder, search engine
        annotation processor framework, Java model, AST APIs etc
      should be fully functional.

        308 annotations based null analysis capability.

        Basic UI infrastructure like the Java related views,
      Java Compiler compliance settings, Organize Imports, Mark Occurrences,
      Open Declaration (F3), Edit > Expand Selection To > ...,
      Content Assist (Ctrl+Space), Formatting, and Source Actions etc should
      work correctly in most situations when you start using them with Java 8

What work is still pending ?

        Advanced UI features like Quick Fixes (Ctrl+1 or via problem hover),
      Clean Ups and Refactorings should work fine for Java 7 features but
      may fail on new language constructs. Work on these capabilities exists
      in an evolved form in the private branches of committers and are in
      the process of being reviewed, tested and integrated.

        We do know of a bunch of open issues in debug support - This is also
      being actively worked on.

Feature complete != bug free

        Known problems that are in the reckoning for inclusion into the GA release can be seen here:

Feature complete != exhaustively tested.

        This is where you come in ! We request your active participation in this 45 day beta program
leading up to high quality support for Java 8 in your favorite IDE. Thanks in advance.

Anticipated question: My project won't upgrade to Java 8 anytime soon, should I be testing ?

        Absolutely ! Major subsystems of the compiler have undergone significant rework
to support Java 8. So if you plan to use Luna (into which stream Java 8 support would be
merged at GA) even if only to develop 1.5 code you should test to make sure that there
are no perturbation in your development.

Installation instructions & Java 8 support release plan leading up to GA are
available here:

Happy testing,

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