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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Platform leadership

To all _Eclipse_Platform_Project_committers_,

Athough I continue to be very active on the Eclipse Project as a whole, for a while now I have been less focused on the day-to-day work of the Platform and more so on Orion. As a result, I'd like to step down from my current role as Eclipse Platform Lead. I had considered nominating John Arthorne as my replacement, but over the last few months I've seen a similar shift in John's focus that I expect to continue (although he is still more active than me on the Platform).

As a result, I'd like to nominate Dani Megert as the Eclipse Project Platform Lead. Dani continues to be strongly focused on Eclipse on the desktop. He also has very high standards for quality and is already a committer on most of the Platform projects. To me, having him step into this role would largely be about providing recognition for the leadership that Dani already provides on the Platform.

So, Eclipse Platform Project committers, please vote on this leadership change by responding to this email.

Note: To avoid confusion, I should re-iterate that I am continuing my role as overall Eclipse Project PMC Lead.


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