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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse (4.3) and Equinox Downloads are available for Kepler M7

See what's new, at

Or download soon for non-production use and testing:



Or, update!

As always, you can update an existing "milestone install" from our p2 repository at

Or, if you want to "build against" Eclipse M7, we recommend using the non-composite repository at

As I'm sure everyone knows, we are nearing the end of Kepler development, so we'd appreciate some good community and adopter testing of this milestone.
We already have too many bugs on our lists to fix them all before the end of the release, but, we need to know if there are any "blockers" (or bad regressions) that have not been found or reported yet.

Test early, test often. We will be producing only "I-builds" from now on (every day, in place of N-builds) so you should be able to verify bugs quickly, as you see them marked fixed.


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