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Re: [eclipse-dev] [equinox-dev] Eclipse 4.3 M6 and Equinox Kepler M6 are available

Sorry to crash the party but none of the actual downloads of the Eclipse SDK are working.



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Sent: March-15-13 6:00 PM
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Subject: [equinox-dev] Eclipse 4.3 M6 and Equinox Kepler M6 are available


See what's new!

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Or update from our repository!

As Tom previously announced on equinox-dev list, there is no "download site" for the Equinox specific deliverables this milestone, as there normally would be at
simply because there has not been time or people to update that part of our "publish scripts" after moving to our new build technology. (But its high on the "do next" list.)
In the mean time, all the artifacts should be available in the milestones repository referenced above.

And remember, as previously announced, our milestone repository now contains only M6, instead of it and all previous milestones, as it normally would. Please let us know if that causes any unanticipated problems.

Thanks to all that made this milestone possible. In addition to the hard working committers, thanks goes to the "CBI Team" who provided a prototype of our Tycho/Maven build and who continue to help us improve it to fit our needs and requirements and quirks -- this is our first milestone delivered using that technology.

A good time to "test early and test often"!


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