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Re: [eclipse-dev] Missing migration notes or are Kepler perfect compatible with Juno and previous releases ? :)

Hi Max, a few responses to this:

- The Kepler release is of course still in progress and there could be changes that are not yet documented. The only potential issues I can think of are related to the change to CBI build, but that has not been rolled out in the Kepler stream yet and the impact (if any) hasn't been fully assessed.
- I expect in the end the Kepler release will have very few migration issues compared to past releases. The main areas of focus have been new platforms (GTK+ 3, Win 8), support for Java 8, and performance and bug fixing in the platform user interface. All Java 8 work is happening in separate branches and won't be part of Kepler, and the platform work should have no impact on previously existing platforms. Overall, there is very little work going on in Kepler that would have impact on adopters.
- If anyone has good suggestions on presentable HTML links for pages in Git, I would love to hear them. Currently, we are just copying the porting guide to our web page at the very end of the release [1] but it would be nice to have a stable link to the current state of the guide in master as well.



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Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Missing migration notes or are Kepler perfect        compatible with Juno and previous releases ? :)
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We (JBoss Tools/Developer Studio team) are doing our annual check of compatibility with next eclipse release and I spotted that there are no migration notes at all for Kepler this year ?

I'm looking here:

That link took me a while to find now that all old CSV links to the migration doc is dead :)

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