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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Platform Juno performance resolution and patch

A few months ago there was some discussion on this list [1] and elsewhere about Platform UI performance problems with the Juno (June 2012) release.  With some excellent community help in narrowing down the problems, the project committers have now resolved the most significant problems that were raised. These fixes will be available in the Juno Service Release 2 (February 2013), and Kepler (June 2013) releases.

While waiting for these releases, users of the classic Eclipse SDK who are affected by the performance problems are encouraged to move up to a recent 4.2 stream maintenance build, available from the Eclipse project download page [2]. The stable Kepler M4 milestone build, due to arrive at the end of this week, also contains all of the performance fixes. If you are using one of the Eclipse Juno SR1 packages, an official patch is now available that will apply all performance fixes on top of those packages. While this patch has been well tested, it should not be treated as a formal release. The patch did not undergo the usual formalized shutdown process or IP review of a full Eclipse release - it is essentially a stable maintenance build in a form that is easy to consume for users of the Juno SR1 packages.

Complete details on how to install the patch, and background on the details of the performance problems and investigation, can be found on the following wiki page:

As always if you encounter problems with the patch, or further performance problems while using these recent builds, do not hesitate to report new bugs in the Eclipse bugzilla system.



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