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Re: [eclipse-dev] Top 10 (slowest) Unit Test Suites ... plus proposal to run only subset of tests for Nightly (Head) builds

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 7:19 PM, David M Williams
<david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As briefly discussed on status call this week, here are the most time
> consuming unit test suites.  It is not necessarily bad to be on this list
> ... just drawing attention to it, in case something looks suspicious.  It
> could mean your component is doing a really good job of testing your code!
> More details in bug 377718
>   1.  org.eclipse.jdt.ui.tests.refactoring              54.8 (m)
>   2.  org.eclipse.jdt.ui.tests                          40.7 (m)
>   3.  org.eclipse.ui.tests                              37.4 (m)
>   4.  org.eclipse.core.tests.resources                  33.4 (m)
>   5.  org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests                      30.9 (m)
>   6.                   30.3 (m)
>   7.                       29.7 (m)
>   8.  org.eclipse.osgi.tests                            24.2 (m)
>   9.  org.eclipse.jdt.core.tests.model                  23.3 (m)
>  10.  org.eclipse.jdt.core.tests.compiler               22.6 (m)
> These are "overall times" ... including time to "setup" and "teardown" tests
> (each of those methods is called for each unit tests; not once per suite, as
> I'm sure most of you know). These overall times are useful, since usually
> the tests themselves are very fast (just a few minutes, or so, at most) so
> much time is spent in "setup" and "teardown", presumably.

It might be perfect time to jump on the JUnit 4 wagon and start using
@Before (per-test) and @BeforeClass (per-testsuite) setups. This has
huge impact for tests with heavy setups.

Alexander Kurtakov

> As far as I know, these are all required and reasonable for what is being
> tested ... but, how would I know!?  In other words, if any of this lists
> surprises a component's committers they may want to take a look if there's
> something that could be done better.
> Plus, more significantly, I propose that for nightly builds, we run (only) a
> subset of tests ... a set of the quick tests, and run the full set (still)
> for the more official I- and M-builds. The set of "quickTests" should take
> only about 25% of the current time, so I think is a better use of our shared
> resources. To put in perspective, we could do an extra N-build with that
> same time to do the long running tests!
> If concerns, objections, or suggestions, please comment in bug 377718.
> Thanks,
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