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Re: [eclipse-dev] Folding the CBI work into the Eclipse project git repositories

To consume the changes, we need to cherry-pick them into the appropriate branch.

ex, Bug 389334 - Merge in Releng POM changes into 3.8.2

git checkout R3_8_maintenance
git checkout -b pwebster/R3_8_maintenance

git fetch ssh:// \

git cherry-pick a496419ae8cd94017d3e1a166bfae3bf56ec0a53
git cherry-pick a08385c696e60b7a3a69acd20c5591c36562bb87
git cherry-pick 00d4552dc80ce11ee92a2b338210f149e6442373
git cherry-pick fbe7a225416d0c4928982df07eca0f5a44229496
git cherry-pick b09497e695806edf90eb98870060573d509a7ec7
git cherry-pick 92ca518b369a28d1a0b262cdeddd9c80074edef3
git log
git push origin pwebster/R3_8_maintenance

For doing this from EGit, after you create the topic branch off of R3_8_maintenance:

1) right-click on the repository in the Git Repo view
2) choose Fetch...
3) enter the cbi repo in the dialog
    - ssh://
4) enter the refspec as appropriate
5) show your repository in the History view, and select view all branches
6) cherry-pick each commit in the order specified in the bug


Paul Webster
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