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[eclipse-dev] Notice of a (quickly) coming change to our map file branches: Today, 5/8, 3 to 4 PM Eastern

As discussed at last week's status meeting, now would be a good time to change the names of the branches of our map repository, to follow the typical naming conventions.

This will not effect many committers, since most do not update the map files directly (just SWT, and me :) the rest being "autotagged".

BUT, this can effect those outside the Eclipse project if you use our map files to "build from source" or for some other reason. You may need to change your scripts.

Anyone who has cloned our eclipse.platform.releng.maps repository, will need to be sure to "fetch all" and "re checkout" any branches they are interested in.

See the bug for details, but in brief,  

master --> R3_development
R4_HEAD --> master

We will be doing this in such a way as to "change history" so each file's history is consistent with the branch it is in  (though, that would invalid your ability to "check in changes" if you do not refetch and recheckout the branches).

Sorry for the late notice to the community. Please comment in the bug, if this impacts you in ways we did not anticipate, so we will learn from it.

Thank you,

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