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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 11 April 2012

CBI update

They've made progress on a number of fronts, including:
Bug 367581 - do not generate new version qualifier unless there are actual code changes

The current thinking:

* the bundle qualifier will be derived from the UTC timestamp of the last commit that changed the bundle project.  This is the same pattern we use in the auto-tagging script

* feature qualifier will be derived from the highest qualifier of either its qualifier (UTC timestamp) or its included plugins or included features.

Outstanding issues:

* SWT currently uses their v3824 pattern as a constant that ties native library loading to their source and as their tag/qualifier.  I talked to Bogdan and the tag/qualifier is not tied directly to to the native libs/constant (just in their publish scripts).  So migrating them to the UTC timestamp pattern for qualifier should just be a change.

* SWT has another pattern that would be needed.  The qualifier has to be the same on the bundle as the fragments.  Not strictly for OSGi loading purposes but because that's what we expect.

* There are 2 other bundles that would need to move to the new qualifier pattern

The main bug contains CBI Platform build bugs:
Bug 372792 - Status of CBI build for Eclipse Platform


Paul Webster
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