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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Post-Notes - Dec 14, 2011

A quick follow up on the discussion topics last week:

- The Eclipse Foundation is looking at enabling denyNonFastForward across all Git repositories in the near future. This will address the history rewrite problem we had last milestone.
- Making milestone week less painful: Essentially Friday of milestone week we should be done, because a rebuild at this point is very disruptive. Teams that currently do a final test pass on Friday should look at moving this to Thursday to catch last minute problems early enough to address them. Closer to M5 we can discuss timing and whether we need to make our warmup builds, etc, earlier to accommodate this.
- Holiday build schedule: The build machines are going on holiday after this Wednesday's maintenance build (December 21), until next year (January 2nd). We hope they are going somewhere warm and relaxing! You can still run the equivalent of nightly builds on Hudson over the holidays:

- The weekly planning meeting is CANCELED for December 21st and 28th. Meetings resume January 4th, 2012

Happy Holidays!


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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 14, 2011

Planning Meeting Notes
14 December 2011

Discussion items
- Please revert your commit, don't rewrite your history. Paul noticed that the jdt team had rewrote some of their history for the doc plugins which caused problems for the autotagging scripts
- How can we make milestone week less painful:  Consuming new bundles from another project should happen before milestone week.  We need to negotiate with the teams so we can consume the bundles in time for milestone week.  This will reduce churn and build failures that delay our milestone delivery.
- Holiday build schedule: proposed disabling builds from Dec 23 until the new year

- One of the build failures last week was caused by a rebase of public history in a master branch.  The git best practices is not to re-write commits that have already been pushed to the public.  If it's necessary to rebase one of the main repo branches I think we should mail eclipse-dev and platform-releng-dev to make sure everybody has time to react.  We don't want to prevent re-writing of committer topic branches identified by the pattern <committerId>/branchWhatever though.  Some bugs on the topic:

Bug 343150  - Should we denyNonFastForward?
Bug 362363  - Better policy ... provide hooks to allow a committer to delete <userid>/branchname branches
Bug 362361  - Better policy ... enforce receive.denyDeletes = true

-Test migrations of remaining projects to be converted to Git
-Test builds for new bundles
-bug fixing
-Fought with Jetty bundles and tagging scripts but prevailed to release 3.8 and 4.2 M4 milestones.  Thanks Paul for your help.
-4.2M4 bundles submitted to Juno coordinated build

- 3.8/4.2 M4 release week, got important tooltip fixes and Cocoa fix in
- Cairo graphics work is continuing
- Cocoa accessibility
   - context menu can now be shown w/o mouse if screen reader is running
   - investigating API for enabling this in the general case
- investigating several BIDI and Cocoa bugs

- M4 tested and released
- Close to releasing new tracing bundle and preference page
- Started work on supporting non *.jar target bundles
- Bug fixing, inbox triage

- shipped Juno M4
- Juno M5 planning
- continued work on improving matching bracket support
- bug fixing
- vacation

Platform Search
- added API to create a search pattern

- Shipped Juno M4
- Juno M5 planning
- Released support for pre-built indexes support for M5.
- Polishing null annotations support.
- Fix ready for
 (Dubious class path error triggers a full rebuild)

Platform UI:
- 4.2 M4/0.12 M4 complete.  Includes a CSS spy tool and the XText based CSS editor
- Working on org.eclipse.ui.tests , preparation for the 4.2 long builds.
Bug 366451  - [Compatibility] UITestSuite has many failures
- Using up vacation days :-)

Platform Workspace:

- inbox tracking
- M5 plan prepared

- Bug 341036 - Team > Create patch is missing (in EGit) [in progress]
- Bug 365573 - team map is broken by SDK build [fixed]

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