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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 19 October 2011

Planning Meeting Notes
19 October 2011

Discussion topic: Should releng and doc be separated into different repositories? doc is very large and it causes anything you do in releng to go more slowly. When working in maintenance branches you need releng but do not usually need doc.

Discussion topic: Git development process / tagging

- Investigating new tracing preference page
- New performance tests added for target platforms
- Continue work on new Target API

- added a file type that allows to associate an editor to class files without source
- working on new diagnostics to detect if output folder overlaps a source folder
- continued work on Quick Assist to synchronize properties from properties file to message class
- continued work on improving matching bracket support
- continued work on preference to disable overview ruler annotation color wash-out
- continued work on improving ruler icons for color-blind people
- bug fixing

- continuing XULRunner 7.0 embedding investigation
- continuing Cairo graphics work on GTK
- investigating FileDialog/DirectoryDialog API to hide/show hidden files
- various swt 3.8/4.2 bug fixing

User Assistance:
- Bug fixing
- Some testing with Jetty 8 and corresponding Equinox bundles

- working on new diagnostics to detect if output folder overlaps a
  source folder
- Made progress on
  (pre-built indexes for select libraries)
- Test day for backport of Java 7 work to 3.6.2+java7 branch.
- Wrapping up defects tagged for M3.
- Inbox tracking, newsgroups etc.
- Wednesday 10/26 is a holiday in India.

-working on getting performance baselines working in 3.8 stream builds
-migrated releng and doc bundles to Git
-eclipsecon preparation
-bug fixing

- Top level debug toolbar is available from debug view (bug 258767)
- Bug fixing
- Inbox triage

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