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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - September 28, 2011

Discussion topics:

Git migration:
- Check your .gitignore files and remove bad entries, see
  - Read the man pages to understand the differences in the file formats of .cvsignore and .gitignore:
  - Most important difference is that .cvsignore entries only target the enclosing folder while .gitignore entries apply to all subfolders unless they contain a /
  - In Git, a top-level .gitignore at the root of the repository should cover most cases (delete project-level .cvsignore)
  - There's which makes EGit ignore derived resources. This is inconsistent with command line Git. Your repository .gitignore should contain /*/bin/ or /*/*/bin/ (depending on repo layout).

- How to deal with line delimiters in Git?
In CVS, the default was to have ASCII files converted on checkout and commit. The repo only contained LF.
In Git, the core.autocrlf option is false by default, which means that new files from Windows machines are checked in unchanged with CRLFs. To keep the repo "clean" (with only LFs), we should either set project-specific line delimiters for new files to UNIX or set core.autocrlf=true. Does anybody have experience with autocrlf? Does it work in EGit?

Platform Workspace:

- migration to Git
        - migrating team/compare to Git almost done, bundle was not migrated and Kim is investigating
        - Bug 343320 - Releng tool review page [in progress]
        - working on a blocking issue in EGit, see,4125 [in progress]
- Bug 352016 - [Sync View] Team synchronization filtering [in progress]
- Bug 339990 - [Repo view] Module disappears in CVS Repositories view [in progress]


- continuing transition of all graphics on GTK to use Cairo
- 3.8/4.2 bug fixing, including:
 - bug 354745: keyboard navigation in Browser widget broken with IE 9 on some pages

  - consolidation of multiple libraries for accessing WebKitGTK into one library


-Released 3.7.1, 4.11
-migrated jdt.core to git
-missed migrating one bundle to team repo, testing stitching and grafting to try to incorporate it into the repo and preserve history
-backported changes to support fetching from git to 3.6.x builder
-tested building with 3.8M2 bundles

User Assistance:

- Starting work on adapting help system to use  Lucene 3.4.
- Bug fixing and code cleanup.


- bug triage


- began investigation of JVMTI usage alongside the debugger ( )
- investigating alternate launching connectors for debugging ( )
- new enhancement for a top-level debug toolbar (
- confirmed Git migration
- bug fixing / triage


- recovering from Git migration
- reviewed work on the new warning for unclosed resources (see bug
- started to investigate making the decompiler pluggable
- bug fixing

Platform Text:

- recovering from Git migration


- Prepared git migration. Run many test build on hudson to make sure the new test project worked fine.
- Kim managed the git migration over the week-end and Monday morning. Thanks, Kim!
- The two git repos are:

- Bug fixes/triage
- Worked on the new warning for unclosed resources (see bug


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