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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - September 21, 2011


- bug fixing / triage
- Juno M3 planning


- successfully migrated to Git (both platform and JDT)
- bug fixing / triage
- Juno M3 planning

Platform Workspace:

- migration to Git
        - migrating team/compare to Git today
        - Bug 343320 - Releng tool review page [in progress]
        - working on a blocking issue in EGit, see,4125 [in progress]
        - waiting for reviews from Andrew N.
- Bug 352016 - [Sync View] Team synchronization filtering [in progress]
- Bug 339990 - [Repo view] Module disappears in CVS Repositories view [in progress]


- bug triage/fixes
- vacations
- 3.8M2/4.2M2 verification
- prepare the git migration
- M3 planning


- shipped Juno M2
- migrated to Git
- M3 planning
- vacation
- illness

Platform Text:

- shipped Juno M2
- migrated to Git
- M3 planning

Platform Search:

- shipped Juno M2
- migrated to Git

User Assistance:

- Completed work for better handling of missing documentation


- began conversion of all graphics implementation on GTK to utilize Cairo whenever a recent gtk 2.x release is detected
- e4 on GTK: Cairo is now turned on automatically (this was previously activated by setting a flag)
- 3,8/4.2 bug fixing


-converted eclipse.jdt, eclipse.jdt.ui, eclipse.platform.text, eclipse.jdt.debug and eclipse.platform.debug to git
-will migrate to git on Wednesday, eclipse.jdt.core on Monday
-released 4.2M2 and 3.8M2, released 4.2M2 to Juno build
-bug and build fixing


- M2 test pass went well
- Test problems have been corrected
- Working on new target API


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