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[eclipse-dev] Indigo SR1 test pass tomorrow

A reminder that tomorrow is the test pass for Indigo SR1 (3.7.1). M20110824-0800 is the current release candidate build - RC2 [1]. The vast majority of changes are in JDT, with the new Java 7 support enabled. If you haven't already, tomorrow's test pass would be a good time to try out some of the new language features. You can check out Deepak's blog [2] for information on some of the new features to test. Keep in mind that running Eclipse on Oracle Java 7 is not currently recommended due to a JIT bug in the JVM [3], but using Eclipse to develop Java applications targeting Java 7 is fully supported.

The FINAL scheduled build for 3.7.1 is next Wednesday (August 31st). Builds after that will only happen on demand to fix critical problems. Code changes towards Indigo SR1 require PMC approval at this point.

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