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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August 17, 2011

Platform Workspace:

- fixing for 3.8/4.2
- working with Kim on core.resources migration to Git


- Juno planning
- lots of JDT team discussions during Markus's ISL visit
- working on last 3.7.1 bugs
- bug fixing
- public holiday


- Java 7 work: bug fixes
- Closing on 3.7.1 fixes (2 left both with patches almost ready)
- Vacations
- Bug triage
- Planning for 3.8

User Assistance:

- Fixing bugs for 3.7 SR1
- Git migration planned for after 3.7.1 is stable
- Investigating out of memory exception on infocenter
- Getting up to speed on the Lucene crash when using Oracle Java 7 64-bit JRE


- 3.8/4.2 planning
- e4 drawing performance investigation (gtk)
- 3.8/4.2 bug fixing
- vacation


-test git repos for ua, pde ui, jdt ui, jdt core, platform resources
-Creating the test respositories  has been useful because we have identified a number of issues to avoid during the real migration
-platform resources are migrating for real Thursday August 18 and pde ui is migrating Friday August 19
-Submitted 4.2M1 to Juno and 3.7.1RC1 to their respective coordinated release builds
-bug fixing


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