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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 29, 2011

Platform Workspace:

- 3.8/4.2 planning, see
- a voting has started for commit rights on Platform Resources for Szymon Ptaszkiewicz


-discussion topic: When we run nightly builds, should we run them from the git master branch or from a special nightly branch.  Currently the plan is to tag master for the integration build.
-testing git migrations with the git club
-testing running git builds for 3.7 maintenance builds
-tagged R3_7
-bug fixing

User Assistance:

- Working on identifying candidate features for Eclipse 3.8

- Committing bug fixes which were deferred from 3.7


- bug fixing for Java 7:
        - rendering of polymorphic methods in hovers
        - tweaking refactorings, quick assists & quick fixes
        - Mark Occurrences now highlights name of resource in try-with-resources statement if their close method throws an uncaught exception


 - Java 7 work
 - 3.7.1 / 3.8 planning
 - inbox triage
 - vacation
- New link for Java7 related work:


 - inbox triage
 - vacation


- working on migration to GIT
- giving feedback on proposed IA2 changes
- targeting some bugs for 3.8/4.2


- Java 7 support (AST fix applied, tests fixed, adding new tests for Java 7 code)
- 3.8/4.2 Planning
- Vacation
- New link for Java7 related work:


- Verifying Java 7 implementation and bug fixes
- Provided a p2 repo for updating 3.7.0 or 4.1.0 to get Java 7 support (Kudos to Kim and DJ for doing the real work). See:
- Planning work for 3.8/3.7.1
- Bug triage
- Vacations

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