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[eclipse-dev] Severe issue with SWT and Xulrunner/Webkit integration


I'm not sure what the process is for SWT bug's so let me know if this is the wrong mailing list to raise it on.

Request for making a hotbug

I know this is very late in the process but this regression hard to track down and took us a lot of time to find the root cause of a sudden raise in user errors with our Visual Editor.

Affiliation: Red Hat/JBoss

Target to get fixed: Optimal 3.7.0.GA, but I know that is not very likely but then at least provide a hotfix for it to be able to distribute as a patch update.

Justification: XulRunner 1.9 is used in JBoss Tools a top 6 most downloaded plugin and JBoss Developer Studio and as far as I know MyEclipse and possibly Atpana uses/bundles it too. Until recently there had not been any problems, but since Eclipse started enabling webkit by default and now leaves no option for disabling it then it becomes impossible to run XulRunner 1.9 with Eclipse on (newer) Linux distros because of incompatibility between the sqllite libraries used by common available xulrunner libs and webkit. 

We wish we could just move to webkit but webkit does not provide the same custom API's needed for tight integration as XulRunner does thus it is not a viable option at this time.

A viable option is if SWT would reinstate the flag that made it possible to disable loading of webkit to allow plugins that uses xulrunner to continue to work.

Please note that on Windows and OSX this problem is not present, its "only" for Linux distributions.

Thank you


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